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          1. 微信公众号
            Welcome to ANHUI JINLI ELECTRIC TECH.CO.,LTD
          2. About US
          3. Anhui Jinli Electric Tech. Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Jinli), located in Hi-tech industrial development zone, Hefei, Anhui province, is a national high-tech enterprise and one of the best innovation enterprise in China's lightning protection industry, with 56000 sq.m. for R&D, production and office, including 3800 sq.m. for laboratory.
          4. More
          5. Power supply SPD
          6. Signal SPD
          7. PCB type SPD
          8. Metal oxide arrester
          9. Others
          10. Honor
          11. UL
          12. UL certificate of PV SPD
          13. High-tech enterprise certificate
          14. Achievements
          15. Jinli SPDs were exported to more than 160 enterprises in Eastern Europe, Russia, South Asia etc.
          16. Solution
          17. Power Chemical Municipal Metallurgy Petrochemical Charging
          18. Product selection
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            Quotation service
          19. +86-551-65307363
          20. Jinli Electric WeChat
          21. 凯时线上娱乐网址